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This isn't Healthy

Posted by MrKimchi1 - October 27th, 2017

So Berklee's been kicking my ass. Not gonna lie I'm behind in one of my classes cause of my lazy ass. Every time i try to emmerse myself into that class I can't seem to focus. But I've been pulling "Stay awake" for 24-30 hours for about 3-4 times the past 4 weeks (Which isn't as bad as several people) but Like I've gained so much weight ever since starting this. I started falling behind in one class and now I'm always chasing it. Can't seem to catch a break. It's like they give you the material and sometimes I don't have enough time to fully understand the material and experiment and stuff. Which makes me a bit sad. But WORRY not, I've finally been able to run 20 minutes the past 2 days ;-;. 

I put out a new Improv few minutes ago so you guys can check out "Tiresome Journey" I'm not sure if that title really fits that improv properly but I named it that due to the influence of lack of sleep and it's like this stuff is fun to do and all but I feel so sluggish, etc. Perhaps other people might envision something else or feel a different title would fit. If any of you would like to give feedback then <3 Maybe once I get my shit together i'll do a little "Improv Wendesdays or Fridays. Something like that haha. Anyways I'm now going to bed at 3 PM. FEELSBAD 


Peace out 

- Nicholas aka Mr.Kimchi

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don't push yourself too much. try to not take this stress hard. work on what you can. :)

Yea, It's just lots of money go into it so....can't help but not stress hahaha

college comes and goes, health stays. so prioritize the second... oh oh oh also !!! here's some advice on how to learn faster !!! it might help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9SptdjpJBQ
basically it's really helpful to learn-take a break-learn-take a break. Also Learn-Sleep-Learn
Also exercise more and ... there's probably more in that video, hope it can help.

Well I don't have a problem with learning, just can;t seem to get into it for some reason. I try to focus on that one class but just can't but then the other 2 classes im perfectly fine in, it's strange. Thank you though.