2017-11-19 22:51:07 by MrKimchi1

I will be staying at these places for about 3 months. Thinking uploading some youtube videos and maybe vlog for my friends to watch ^^ So ecstatic 

Boston -> Maryland -> Virginia -> Florida -> Virginia -> New York 

Were doing a road trip and that should be fun :) 


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2017-11-24 07:03:26

oooooh shiiiiii you might run out of roads to travel on soon enough! leave some for later! And why ... why are you going all over the place? Did i miss anything important?! AAAH! I mean you were going to join Berklee and stuff and um ... ooooh i see , Berklee is probably being ... um ... torn apart ... interdimensionally and ... they have ummm ... all their different classes all over the planet now ... or ... um ... ooom.... nom ... nom ... that's just a theory though.

MrKimchi1 responds:

hahaha, just a vacation/trip, well i haven't announced anything important except that I will start youtube again xD Lol berklee is not getting torn apart, btw why so many dots (.) XD