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Posted by MrKimchi1 - October 23rd, 2017

So I don't have a following on here but I thought I should fill in people that are interested with what's been going on. I won't go into detail just a quick brief point of events in no particular order. 

  • I applied for college
  • Got Accepted to Boston Berklee College of Music
  • Stopped playing in the band I was playing in called MuzGrain (Can Search them on Youtube) 
  • Making Music Again but Very slow since Im too busy studying
  • Will upload covers and original songs on youtube soon (1-2 months) 
  • Teaching English 
  • Stopped Streaming 

If any of you have any questions I'll be happy to answer but I'm in a time crunch so bye bye for now. 

-Nicholas Burden aka Mr.Kimchi

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i am really happy for you that you got into your college ^_^
(i know how much of a pain that is need to do that this year but first exams)
anyway i heard your music (lissening to on Melancholy hill and it is pretty cool.
and take your time with making music ;)

Wow,Senior? Thanks for listening. Any feedback is appreciated ^^ Indeed I will take my time thanks for the advice ^^

haha yah a very yough senior XD and your feedback is just being jourself, and don't fotget to go out with friends. staying at home all the time messes up some pressious time (i learned the hard way) and try to stay awake during lessons so you don't have to do things at home. it gives you alot more time. and no need to thank me i like to help out where i can ^_^

also i checked your music and your awesome with the piano. i saw you played alot of twenty one pilots and it's a great band. mabey you would like to this song it's from a game. i sing this somethimes for myself. it has piano and it relaxed mabey you'll like it ^_^

Oh yea I absolutely Loved that game. I've been keeping this in my "Cover's to try". Hopefully whenever I could really relate with it or in the mood then perhaps I'll give it a try ^^. Thank you for the nice compliments.

I am studying to become a teacher, so it would seem we have a few things in common :)
I went ahead and scouted you on here, meaning you'll get more traffic if you accept. That said, make sure to never break any rules, since that'll damage me as well :p


I hope things are going well!

Thank you so much ^^ I will read the guidelines in a bit ^^

Update: VST's, samples, software, hardware, sound effects**** I just read this part and will be sure to mention what I use in my Author Notes of each song/creation

Yeah, as for what was used, once you're an established uploader on NG you don't necessarily have to do it, though it can be nice to know :)
That said, it's in good spirit, so I certainly won't stop you!

Oh I see, I guess I'll just put it if anyone asks in that case in future submissions ^^

Congratulations on getting into Berklee!!!

Thank you! Omg I love your sketches.

Thank you! I love your music!

My music loves you too.

Once in my lifetime I thought of applying for Berklee... then I realized I don't have qualification for even entry music level, or rich parents. That wasn't my fate to be talented. So I make my own destiny. Here I am.

God doesn't give me a talent, so I make my own.

I actually don't have rich parents. And you don't have to be very talented for some things (Simply the love and determination and hope to get in(Basically just applying to see if you get in). The major I'm in "Music Production" has alot of people who can't even play the piano or guitar. I just wanted to let you know you don't have to be rich to go to that school. Me and my Family simply saved up for how many years. Also if you do online its a 64% reduction of the original tuition. Plus you can choose one class or .2 instead of four if you don't have enough money to take the courses! So you can learn Songwriting, Critical Listening, Music Production Analysis, Music Theory, etc. Anyways I'm sad to hear you think that though it is true since I know I can never become a professional soccer player or basketball player due to not trying out in the first place. Gotta try to Know ^^

Well, i hope you realize that ... what you've got now is something that soooooo many people are .... dreaming of. -_-
but nyeh, i'm really happy for you, good luck and give em hell in there! And by the way the world is kind of low on supply of "Musical Geniuses" at the moment, and seeing that you are only going to LEARN music ... while ... you know ... already writing, improvising and playing better than ... well ... many people to say the least, it becomes kind of scary but impressive at the same time to think about -what- -WHAT- kind of things you will make when you'll learn a bunch more stuff about music... I'm really looking forward to that. You'll definetely inspire a TON of people to be as amazing musicians as you already are as well as the kind of unimaginable-scary-beast-wow-omgomgomg-genius you'll be when you're done in berklee... hehehe.
i really wanted to write a review but i was too busy crying and dreaming if there will ever be a chance to be like you one day.
so ... at least got some more courage and composure in here. hope that doesn't take away from your music, that it has less reviews because of this.

(can i call you senpai?) .__.

haha, I wouldn't say I'm a genius since I've personally met a few. I would just say I have certain influences which may make me seem that way. I'm not proud enough to call myself a genius but I guess i'm very flattered and embarrassed someone would think of me as a genius haha. And just a head note, I know some people just focus on one genre and branch out to similar ones in the music scene, but there are people who do like 3/4 different genres, I want to become something like that. I want to do Jazz (But not as much as these others), Electronic, Pop, Folk, RnB, Rap, Hip-Hop, Japanese Music, and Korean Music. (I aint gonna say Jpop or Kpop cause fuk dem they already got it going in the industry) That's actually a huge dream of mine and why I wanted to become a musician, I wanted to inspire people. Aw don't cry, You gotta at least try, and if you don't make it to that one you could go at another major (I changed my major from guitar to music production). You can...call me sempai....if you want.....(I wonder if this is normal in japan, I know they use it in anime alot but when I talk with them I've never heard them say sempai (Might be cause I never talked to someone younger whos japanese or visited the country yet which i would love to))