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Nice tune <3, would be pretty cool to see a remix of this with some vocals and elec guitar ^^

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Yeah, that would be awesome if someone was willing to sing on this track. Thanks for the rating.

I absolutely Love this.... omg

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! I hope to do something similar, more seriously in the future :)

Now that's interesting. <3

I0TA responds:

Thanks :D

Yo this is great seroiusly fantastic stuff.

I0TA responds:

Thank you :)

Wow this is nice. Glad to see this on newgrounds <3 Can't wait to hear more tracks from me.

"It's not a song because it has not words" JUST CAUSE IT DONT GOT WORDS DONT MEAN ITS NOT A SONG. Honestly I could see this in a rpg, elevator, animation. I would say this genre is not "song-with-no-words" but fusion. Cause it has so many genres incorporated into one song. Maybe New Age? Anyways was a really good listen. Great job, hope to hear more.

ClarkKant responds:

Thanks for the response, Mr. Kimchi - I appreciate it.

Aye That's pretty nice.

djexotik responds:

Thank you!

nice but should probably credit what you used and where you got that woman talking from.

blankzgrime15 responds:

oh yeah. thanks man

Aye, This is pretty nice ^^ Keep up the good work! Fav'ed and Followed C: Hope to see more >:D

I absolutely Love this. Followed and Fav'd. You have my support for this song! Absolutely beautiful. Just wondering did you get the birds by chance or was that a VST/Soundpack. Anyways Good job, keep up the good work. Lovely stuff.

CHgeri responds:

Hey, sorry for the late response, I don't really use Newgrounds too much (You can follow me on Soundcloud, where I have some more music, and where I'm usually active :) )

Regarding the birds, I use a lot of ambiance samples in my tracks, including restaurant noises, sea waves, rain, and in this case some chirping birds :D In my opinion, it can really add to the atmosphere!

Thanks for the message! <3

Just a Korean trying to get his music known....

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