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This could use lots of improvement. You could use a "instructions" or "Tutorial" which you can skip. I didn't know you had to press "Spacebar" to restart cause that's not even in the game or Author Comments. I won't judge harshly on how it looks or how smooth it runs. But I'm giving 1 star solely on:
- how you can't restart from that level or the beginning or a level you have already completed.
-Lack of Instruction
- No Tutorial (IF added then a skip tutorial button would be nice
- I don't know if you are just sharing someone's work on here or if this is your game. (I mean it does say originally on scratch.mit.edu but maybe put on that description box on that site for the game "Also on newgrounds")
I will also note I know it says to use spacebar on the other link but I'm judging this based on if someone didn't click that link and just looked at author notes or if someone was just playing the game and there was no author notes then how would they know. It would make the person lose interest sometimes (Depending on person) from trying to spend time learning how to play the game from finding the controls (Though some people like this, in which case specify that as a intro before the game starts within the game)

natejb2003 responds:

Thank you for the feedback. I have added an optional tutorial at the beginning.

Really Fun ^_^ cant wait for the 2nd one to come out that you're working on. Sadly i don't have the music to contribute. At least i don't think so.

Great story like how theirs more then 1 way to go.

Reminds me of sonic, very simple game but hard

I really love the way you guys made this game, props

Just a Korean trying to get his music known....

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